Glasnevin Crematorium

In 1982, a crematorium was constructed within the cemetery grounds by Glasnevin Trust. Since then, the service has been used for people of various religious denominations who wished to be cremated.

Glasnevin Trust is at the heart of the nation as it embraces the remains of so many patriots and others who have and will in the future; frame the country's history and culture. The Trust¹s dedication to its mission can be seen from the opening of its first cemetery in Goldenbridge (1828) through Glasnevin (1832), Palmerstown (1978), Dardistown (1990) and Newlands Cross (2000). It was responsible for the establishment of the first crematorium in the Republic of Ireland at Glasnevin Crematorium (1982) and subsequently in Newlands Cross (2001). It also manages many Florist and Monument Works outlets in each cemetery.

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