Humanist & non-religious funeral services

Humanist & non-religious funeral services are becoming more common.  Most services are lead by a Master of ceremonies.  This may be a member of the family, a close friend or associate or a trained celebrant.  The format is typically secular but may frequently contain religious content.  The focus of the ceremony is usually a celebration of the deceased life.  This may include contributions from relatives, friends and colleagues.  It is also common to punctuate the ceremony with readings, poetry and especially music.  Further detail can be added by way of audio visual content.  A ceremony usually lasts between 30 and 60 minutes.  A typical running order is as follows;

Introduction and welcome

A short summary of the deceased life and achievements

Reflective contributions from others

Various spiritual or religious readings

Final farewell sequence

All of these sections are usually separated by relevant music or singing.  This can be live or recorded pieces.

At Cunnighams, we have many locations that are suitable venues.  Our locations are available to family's at no charge.  Our locations provide facilities that are not time dependent and grant flexibility for families to create a ceremony of their own duration and at their convenience during the week.  Below are a summary of our facilities and some other alternative venues.

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