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Approximately 20% (2017) of funeral services in the Republic of Ireland now choose Cremation, 10% in Northern Ireland and almost 77% (2017) in Great Britain. There are now four Crematoria in Dublin - Glasnevin, Mount Jerome, Newlands Cross and the newest facility at Dardistown which was opened in 2016. Cremations can be part of both a religious or non-religious ceremony.

Why Choose Cremation?

While burial is still the most popular choice for people in Ireland, the number of those opting for cremation has increased significantly in the past two decades. There are many benefits to choosing cremation such as the reduced impact on the land, the increased personalisation of the service and indeed the options available to the family once the ashes have been returned. This could include burial of the ashes in a family plot, keeping the ashes as a keepsake or scattering the ashes at a location which was significant to their loved one. In terms of costs, there is very little difference in the cost between burial and cremation unless a new grave site has to be purchased.

What is Involved in the Cremation Process?

Before a coffin is placed inside a cremator, the cremator technician checks the nameplate of the coffin to ensure that the correct person is being cremated. The technician fills out an identity card which follows the remains throughout the entire cremation process, guaranteeing correct identification. Any metal or heavy plastic handles are removed and recycled at this stage as they do not allow us to achieve our stringent emissions targets, if they are cremated with the coffin.

Cunninghams Funeral Directors will liaise with the crematorium on your behalf to ensure all of the needs of you and your loved ones are met. Please get in touch if you would like to find out more or if you would like to speak to one of our highly experienced members of staff.